Eco Bodega Mallorca is an organisation dedicated to reducing waste and encouraging businesses in the hospitality sector to become more sustainable.  We inform, engage and offer help with every new business to take action towards a sustainable education for the next generation.  

Who are EcoBodega Mallorca?

I'm Dana Bena

Every person is granted the right to explore and achieve their own version of greatness.  I want to show my child that we can still achieve this with respect to our islands. The Balearics are suffering as a result of waste from over 15 million visitors a year and soon we will be come accustomed to and accepting of the overflowing waste stores.

I have a plan to start addressing the problem.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with ideas.

The Problem

Living in the perfect bubble with a disregard for outside influences is no longer an option. That was me, before I became a commercial facilitator to the problem. Restaurants were my passion.  I wanted everyone to enjoy a great meal with great wine. 

Glass waste is just one part of our island waste problem.  1 million bottles of wine are sold on the Balearics every day in the height of season.  Whether that be from a supermarket or a restaurant.  That's one million bottles to dispose of. 

Ecobodega is just one solution to the ever growing problem of 500,000 tonnes of waste deposited by our 15 million visitors each year to the Balearics.  

A unique innovation to REDUCE glass waste by RECOVERING bottles headed for the landfill and encouraging REUSE of these bottles within the Wine production on Mallorca.

The Solution

Join The Change

 Eco Bodega exists to help you manage your waste output. Contact us to learn how this increases your profit margins!

Eco Bodega exists to increase your sustainability ratings. Email us to learn how your business will benefit financially and with credibility.

Visiting or live in Mallorca? 
If you have been nodding your head whilst reading above, ask us for more info here!


Latest Updates From Us

Ecobodega is looking for a vehicle partner and a warehouse in the North of Mallorca. Contact us to be part of the change which needs to happen and what this means for your company.



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